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Counselling, Psychotherapy and Supervision

What I offer

Creating a safe, empathetic and accepting  environment which provides a heartfelt and accompanied exploration of whatever issues you bring. Confidential and non-judgemental listening lies at the centre of how I work.

Understanding what supports you and what gets in your way is an important aspect of moving through difficulties. These resources or issues are unique to each of us and can be emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual or energetic.

I am interested in how you experience yourself.  I will seek to create a trusting alliance with you and compassionately accompany you in your exploration of yourself and whatever issues you bring. A place you can find and be yourself.

Counselling and psychotherapy can help us to understand more about who we are, to make better sense of past or current events, our feelings and how we respond to others.

It offers support and resources to safely work through and transform difficulties.


From May 2022 I am offering supervision sessions following training with the Karuna Institute.




This joint enquiry will draw on exploring being present with your felt experience alongside your thoughts and feelings  around past and present events. Mindfully rebuilding your capacity to pause, choose and respond rather than react.

At times this may be painful but it also supports an opportunity for you to have clear experiences of greater trust, choice and sense of all-rightness

Integration is  important. I find it helpful to bring attention to rekindling your own inherent sense of well-being alongside supporting you to move towards a greater sense of health, wholeness and belonging in your everyday life.

I work from a beautifully located and tranquil private room overlooking south Dartmoor. Given the surroundings I also offer a 90 minute eco-therapy session to meet your needs. This could incorporate walking in nature, engaging with the elements and or meditation  and relaxation.

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