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  Counselling & Psychotherapy can help


People seek counselling and psychotherapy for many reasons.

Sometimes a particular problem is pressing;

sometimes there is a sense of general disappointment or dissatisfaction;

sometimes you feel you would like to know more about yourself.

We all need someone to talk to when life is difficult.


Are you feeling?


Anxious, stressed or overwhelmed?


Difficulties in a current or past relationship?


A sense of loss?


You can’t cope?


Caught in a rut and wanting more from life?


Unworthy or not good enough?


Talking to friends and family is not enough


You can’t make sense of things?


You don’t belong?


 You want to be better understood?

Counselling can provide a place where you feel heard.


A place you can find yourself.


A place which supports your sense of self-esteem, health, wellbeing

and wholeness.

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