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About me

tanmayo psychotherapist


My Philosophy

In my practice I seek to create a safe, ethical and empathetic environment which supports mindful self-awareness and well being and provides a heartfelt and accompanied exploration of the issues you bring.




 I am a registered with BACP the largest professional body in the UK. I am fully accredited with BACP and abide by their ethical guidelines. See links.

tanmayo psychotherapist
My journey to becoming a psychotherapist

My yearning for a greater understanding of myself and how I responded to the joys and difficulties of life began with exploring co-counselling in my late 20’s. I first went to therapy in my 30’s to try to make sense of a relationship crisis. This set me on a path of self-care and enquiry.


In my 50’s, after parenthood, an ongoing search for spiritual understanding and completion of a successful 30 year professional career in London I wanted a change in direction and was drawn to undertake a uniquely experiential and practical 5 year training in Core Process psychotherapy. Ten years on I am happy and inspired to be living and practicing in the beauty of Dartmoor with my partner.

Other influences reflect my ongoing experiences of therapy, meditation, relationships, creativity, travel, nature, groups and fatherhood.

Recent professional experience
I  have an MA in Core Process Psychotherapy and am fully accredited with BACP.

I have been working as a psychotherapist since 2012 with a wide range of clients and issues.  For example clients have come because they were anxious or depressed, wanted more from life; had relationship difficulties; were suffering from addiction; felt inadequate or misunderstood; that they coud'nt cope, did'nt belong or were overwhelmed; or where suffering from past or present abuse, shock, trauma, loss, panic attacks , or ill health.


I regularly undertake additional training which over the last five years has included trauma, couples counselling, domestic abuse, child protection, suicide, sand tray, the impact of boarding schools, mindfulness, eco-therapy, shame  and meditation. In 2022 I completed a supervision training at the Karuna Institute and am now offering  supervision sessions.

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